Cloud Consulting

Our cloud assessment and consulting services offer a deep insight and thorough analysis of your existing systems and help for a successful transition to the Cloud. The premise that one single technology decision could impact so much—and that too across varied organization functions—makes the choice both critical and sometimes very difficult, especially in the rapidly emerging and continuously shifting cloud computing landscape.

Our cloud consulting offerings are designed to support you through your decision-making process, from exploratory evaluations to cloud strategy to solution and technology decisions.

  • Technical assessment to Define cloud strategy
  • Identifying right cloud service and deployment models
  • Cloud adoption roadmap
  • Cloud services automation
  • Vendor identification and selection

Cloud Migration & Enhancement

Migrating to cloud is important but doing it fast and doing it right is the key. Our Cloud Migration service is the answer for organizations that want to migrate applications, systems and storage to a cloud environment for scalability, improved productivity and lowered capital and operating costs. This accelerates time to market, without compromising security and compliance.

  • Cloud Architecture & Deployment Solutions
  • Environment Preparation Services
  • Migration Project Management
  • Post Migration Support

Cloud Management

Comprehensive cloud management is vital to protect cloud assets against vulnerabilities, data loss and downtimes. Cloud’s true potential cannot be harnessed by managing it like a Data Center. End-to-end visibility of infrastructure and applications helps remediate performance and utilization issues and increases productivity, security and compliance.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Operations
  • Discovery & Asset Management
  • Patching, Security & Compliance
  • Reporting & Performance Analysis